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No.66, Economy  Sept. 17, 2021

Solar and Wind Power Generation with a Lowered Cost Compared to Thermal Power Generation: The Impacts of 46% Decarbonization—Why Has Japan Missed the Mark?

Maeda Yudai, Executive Editor-in-Chief of EnergyShift The Skyrocketing Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target The global wave of “decarbonization” has already descended upon Japan, and this has led to a great change in that direction. On April 22–23, the Leaders Summit on Climate hosted by the United States was held online after President Biden called for the summit, and there, Prime Minister Suga declared that Japan aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 46% in fiscal year 2030 from its fiscal year 2013 levels. The original goal was for a 26% reduction, so this number was close to double the original goal. FY 2013 levels are used as reference for these reduction goals, and Japan is already progressing well with energy conservation compared to the rest of the world. I get the sense that energy conservation is quite strict among the population, and industry may ... ... [Read more]

No.66, Economy
Sept. 16, 2021

Protect Workers rather than Zombie Firms: How Do We Rejuvenate the Economy?

Takeo Hoshi, Professor, University of Tokyo   Key points Staying afloat with support despite no hope for performance recovery Hurting the profitability of healthy firms and the economy as a whole Urgent need for policy shift to protect employment rather than firms   When the main character Barbara and her brother visit their father’s grave in the cemetery, an unknown man approaches them with clumsy steps from afar. This is the first scene where a zombie appears in the Night of the Living Dead (1968), which is credited with inventing the zombie movie genre. There are firms that perform badly and have little hope of recovery but that are kept afloat with support from creditors and the government, negatively affecting other firms and stagnating the economy. Likening this to zombie movies, Ricardo J. Caballero, Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Anil K. Kashyap, ... ... [Read more]

No.66, Discussions, Diplomacy
Sept. 14, 2021

Roundtable talk: How to Face the “Invisible Threat”: Thinking about the International Order of Norms, Technology, and Institutions

Parallel with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is facing a variety of challenges. Will the Biden administration be able to regain the “normative power” of the United States? What is the problem with the emergence of Chinese companies in telecommunications space? Of importance here should be that we calmly interpret the actuality of these “threats” as well as the revival and restoration of liberal society itself.   Oba Mie (Professor at Kanagawa University), Kohno Kenji (Chief Commentator at NHK), Suzuki Kazuto (Professor at University of Tokyo), moderated by Hosoya Yuichi (Professor at Keio University)     Hosoya Yuichi: This is a roundtable talk to get an outlook on 2021, but we have to start with a dark topic. Right at the beginning of the year on January 6, Trump supporters invaded the United States Capitol and occupied it temporarily, leading to five deaths.   ... ... [Read more]

No.66, Discussions, Diplomacy
Sept. 11, 2021

The Quad: Effectiveness of “Cooperation in Peacetime Situations”

The Quad—officially the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, a forum joining Japan, Australia, India and the United States—has recently attracted attention, but how much does it actually affect order building in reality. The four countries will need to rid themselves of overestimation, advance functional cooperation, and gradually accumulate steady outcomes.   Ito Toru (Professor of National Defense Academy), Satake Tomohiko (Senior research fellow of Japan’s National Institute for Defense Studies) and Mori Satoru (Professor of Hosei University FOIP for Japanese diplomacy ――The “Free and Open Indo‐Pacific” (FOIP) has become a foreign relations concept shared by Japan and many other countries. In particular, the cooperative relationship of Japan, Australia, India and the United States, the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (the Quad), is drawing attention.   Satake Tomohiko: The concept of a “free and open international order” that FOIP touts is not necessarily new. Since the Cold War era, ... ... [Read more]